Address: Russia, Tyumen, Str. Sovetskaya, 20

Souvenir shop

You can buy Russian souvenirs, national souvenirs of the Northern peoples, souvenirs designed to keep the memories of “Eurasia” hotel and Tyumen in the souvenir shop that is situated in “Eurasia” hotel’s lobby. All souvenirs are handmade by real masters of their art that impress with their elegance, delicate workmanship, identity.

Foreign guests like carved in ivory animal figures, smoking pipes, cigarette holders, bracelets, earrings, pendants, tiny wicker bast shoes, birchbark flasks with hand painting etc.

You’ll also find author’s work decorative plates, amulet dolls, postcards, magnets with the photos of the most beautiful and memorable places of Tyumen in our souvenir shop.


625000, Russia, Tyumen,
Str. Sovetskaya, 20