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Children’s Birthday Party

Would You like to spend a happy, cheerful and carefree children’s Birthday party? We offer a wide range of programs for holding a children’s Birthday. You can choose a program focusing on the interests and preferences of Your child and the guests. Everything concerning planning and execution of the event we’ll take upon ourselves!
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We'll cheer up even the most naughty child and the shyest child will come out of shell.

Complete solution includes:

  • special menu for children
  • personalized birthday cake
  • entertainment program
  • cooking master class

Adults can sit around set-out table while holiday hosts entertain children. There is all necessary infrastructure for holding such events in “Eurasia” Business Hotel and we offer our guests free Wi-Fi connection, so You’ll have an opportunity to post photos from Your child’s Birthday right from the place where You celebrate.


625000, Russia, Tyumen,
Str. Sovetskaya, 20